i.Materialise Explains Silver 3D Printing

Posted on July 30, 2014 at 01:07pm


Have you ever wondered how 3D printing of silver or other precious metals is done? i.Materialise explains how they do it.


You might think you’d require a fancy and expensive industrial metal printing machine that laser-fuses precious metal nanoparticles together into amazing jewelry, but you’d be wrong. Sure, you can use such machines to 3D print a variety of metals, but metal 3D printing can be done in a much simpler fashion with far less expensive equipment. 


i.Materialise is a 3D print service. In their vast repository of 3D models you can choose to print are multiple items of jewelry, which, of course, must be printed in metals for best effect. Like many services and hobbyists, i.Materialise uses the “lost wax” method for 3D printing of metals. 


In the chart above and in their post, they explain the process.



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