About 3D Printing Worldwide

3d printing is conquering the world.

It is revolutionizing the way we design and produce.

3d printing will help to solve production, medical and all kinds of design issues.

3d printing will help to create products that we cannot even think of today.


The more we know about it, the more ideas we will get, the more we can all benefit from it.


3dprintsworldwide wants to share as much information about 3dprinting as possible in the easiest way.


3dprintsworldwide is a video portal that will keep you up-to-date in the 3d printing world. Videos are posted and categorized based on their applications. This portal also features blogs, news and articles. All related to 3D printing. On top of this, it has a directory with 3d printing, 3d scanning manufacturers and service providers. 

Visitors can sign-up for free and can enjoy privileges such as creating and managing playlists.


Please surf this website and get amazed and inspired with all the possibilities of 3d printing.


Warmest regards,

The 3dprintsworldwide team