3D Printing Link's Hylian Shield from Zelda on Ultimaker 3D in High Res with Commentary


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  • Uploaded 6 years ago in the category Toys Please Like, Favorite & Subscribe Hey guys, I've received a lot of requests to show a 3D print from setup to completion so this video runs a little longer then usual. I will show you in this video how to tape the build surface and level the bed and show you how to print the model using the Ultimaker controller so the printer operates 100% detached from the PC while printing. I also show you how to detach the completed object from the build surface using a custom tool you can make out of any putty knife. I also show you how to cleanup the model and remove the support material after the print is done. The object I print in this video is the Zelda Hylian Shield which completely kicks ass. I found the model on Thingaverse.com under a Creative Common License. The model was created by ShopBox and the URL to download it from is http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:82693. The model is printed at a .15mm layer height with solid fill to produce an indestructible print. This is the second shield I have printed, the first one I chromed and posted pictures of on my Facebook page, make sure you head over there and take a look - http://facebook.com/barnaculesmancave. I have several other videos on my channel printing things from transformers and portal. If you have any questions leave them in the comments and I will respond since I love interacting with everyone. If you have a suggestion or an item from Thingiverse or somewhere else that you think I should print please just ask. Also know that I will be printing the liberator firearm once I get a heated bed so I can print in ABS. Always accompanying Link's sword, a shield is a defensive item which has appeared in every game of The Legend of Zelda series to date. The shield is Link's primary protective defense used to deflect objects, guard from attack, and in some instances, reflect light onto other objects. Appearing in every Zelda title to date, the shield is not only a trademark of the series but completes Link's hero-like appearance, along with any sword he happens to wield at the time. From defending Link to being the favorite snack of Like Likes, the design and function of the shield greatly differs throughout the series. The Hylian Shield is the traditional shield of the Knights of Hyrule and a shield commonly used by Link in the 3D Zelda games. Unlike Wooden Shields, the Hylian Shield will not burn upon contact with fire. Throughout the Zelda games, the Hylian Shield has changed little in terms of overall appearance, always bearing the symbol of the Triforce and, beneath it, the Hylian Crest. The first Hylian Shield was a legendary shield guarded by the Thunder Dragon Lanayru, who created a challenge to judge whether someone would be worthy of wielding the shield. Shield appears in... Ocarina of Time Twilight Princess Skyward Sword Super Smash Bros Soulcalibur II Similar Shields in... A Link to the Past Majora's Mask The Wind Waker This show is an independent production of Jerry Berg (aka Barnacules). Opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, friends, or any companies mentioned in the show.
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