Printing functional semi auto rubber band gun on my Ultimaker 3D printer w/ test & commentary


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  • Uploaded 5 years ago in the category Toys Some people think that 3D printers can only make small solid items with no precision. This video will show you can you can print a semi automatic rubber band gun using a standard desktop 3d printer. Please Like, Favorite & Subscribe You guys have been asking (and begging) for me to print a gun. It's the number one request I get in my inbox on my YouTube channel. So I decided to take some baby steps in that direction and start by creating a less lethal weapon in the form of a semi automatic rubber band gun that shoots 6 projectiles. In this video I show you from start to finish the model, printing the model, assembling the model and shooting the model. For good measure I even add a Wicked Lasers Nano green to the gun for aiming and also have some fun at the end of the video with Battlefield 3. I hope you guys enjoy this video since it took a lot of time to produce compared to my other videos. Please let me know if you have questions in the comments below and also feel free to help answer other peoples questions. This video features music by Kevin MacLeod under a royalty free CC license and his music is amazing so look him up on your favorite search engine if you enjoyed the music in this video! My Social Networks Swag Rubberband Gun all pieces single plate, raft only. Dowels included. Rubberband Gun all pieces single plate, raft only. Dowels included. by MAKERFAM is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license. Ultimaker Features The assembled Ultimaker includes an Ulticontroller with LCD interface. An extremely large build volume, 21x21x20.5 cm (L/W/H), while having a very desktop friendly footprint of only 35x35 cm. The fastest controlled horizontal acceleration in the market, allows for extremely fast printing. Connect the machine to your computer's USB port, Drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux are available. Capable of printing with biodegradable PLA plastics and ABS. For printing with ABS a heated bed is recommended. This allows for extremely affordable printing (plastics offered here). Feel free to use other materials! To get started we include the assembled Ultimaker with the first roll of Filament Theoretical resolution: 0.0125 mm for the X and Y axis, the Z-axis is even more accurate! A user-friendly, low-maintenance material feed mechanism (geared). Allows for mid-build material refills and color changes during prints. The machine is very light-weight and robust, you can take it on a trip, without fear of it breaking. We use only hex nuts for T-slots and offer a very high quality barch wood. Designed for quick assembly and easy maintenance. Holds a reel of plastic for hassle free 3D printing. Integrated electronics, no need to wire many boards together, everything is plugged into just once PCB. The electronics provide the option to add a 5th stepper motor for later upgrades Powered by free (libre) software. Based on Open Source Hardware (CAD files are published here!) Technical specifications High current MOSFETs that power the extruder, which heats up within 2 minutes. Power: 110V-240V operation, 50-60Hz - 120W - 19V output. The print head design uses a special ceramic heater cartridge, which is reliable, durable and extremely easy to install. The design does not use nichrome-wire. The entire hot-end can be assembled in under a minute. Also, it uses a glass filled injection moulded PEEK thermal barrier, that is more stable at high temperatures. This show is an independent production of Jerry Berg (aka Barnacules). Opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, friends, or any companies mentioned in the show.
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