The 1913 Model T Ford 3D Printed by WhiteClouds


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  • Uploaded 5 years ago in the category Automotive WhiteClouds used 3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, to build a 1:20 scale model of the Model T. Just as the assembly line increased manufacturing speed and led the second industrial revolution, some speculate 3D printing is ushering in the third industrial revolution by increasing the speed between idea and physical object. The model built by WhiteClouds was conceptualized, designed and printed in less than 30 hours. 3D printing does not focus on a single product for the masses, but on manufacturing custom products for individuals. Additive manufacturing could ultimately remove the product and manufacturing process from the worker, and put it in the hands of the consumer, its proponents say. To commemorate Ford and the anniversary of the assembly line, WhiteClouds combined old industry with new technology by designing and 3D printing a model of the Model T. WhiteClouds designers Kelly Root and Jess Schenk created the Model T using several photo references and Autodesk Maya 3D modeling software. The team said the biggest challenge was not having access to the original measurements. Once designed, WhiteClouds printed the car in their lab on a Connex 500 3D printer. This printer is capable of printing in multiple materials with a highly detailed resolution. Each layer is just 16 microns thick, less than 1/5 the width of the average human hair. The model car was printed using seven different materials. The printer is able to print with multiple materials in the same build and it can also mix materials to varying degrees to create new materials. The Model T was printed in 22 separate parts and then assembled by the WhiteClouds team. The doors and hood open, the tires rotate and the windshield pivots. The model took just over 16 hours total to print in three separate builds. Ford played an important role in the second industrial revolution and changed our world. Just as the assembly line was widely adopted by manufacturers in many industries, 3D printing promises to have a similar impact on the way we build things. The days of mass production may give way to individualized products produced in your own home. Subscribe to our channel for more 3D Printing Videos! Follow us! Song by ODESZA, ( Track title: IPlayYouListen on twitter: @Odeszaaa on SoundCloud:
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